Hardwood Line, with our partners, offers manual or automatic turnkey systems. Available configurations are sidearm, rail rider or gantry style cranes with fixed time way or random load software with data control and history files

All systems are engineered for your exact requirements. Please consult our factory for further details on other systems.

Sample System

The system at left features:
Electronic entry gates
Hoist structure and tanks include leveling adjustments
Acceleration and deceleration curves built into the software
Stahl tracking system communicates exact tank position
Push/pull ventilation system extends length of line
Each hoist has it’s own contained evacuation system
Damper controlled exhaust ports
Agitation framework constantly keeps parts in motion
Eductors create increased solution turbulence
Tanks have steel encapsulated girthing
Protection coated copper buss
8,000 amp capacity compression clip saddles