Introducing Hardwood Line’s Battery Operated Cordless Plating Barrel

A battery-powered, cordless plating barrel, which can be used in manual or rack lines.
Available in a variety of barrel sizes and styles.


The Cordless Barrel allows you to locate it anywhere, regardless of its proximity to an outlet. A powerful rechargeable Lithium Ion battery delivers up to 9 hours of usage on a single charge. The battery is housed in a sealed compartment to protect the electronics from drips and fumes. The easily accessible flip up battery compartment simplifies battery changes. The barrel features a battery charge indicator, variable speed control and fused protection. A three position switch allows for Forward /Off/ Reverse direction. The barrel comes with a charging station and an extra battery allowing quick battery exchanges. The Cordless Barrel can be used in an manual or rack line with little or no modification. It is available in many Standard barrel sizes and styles. Hardwood line will be showing Cordless Barrel versions of a 14×42, 12×18 and 6×12.