Our comprehensive barrel line allows you the flexibility to put together the combination of cylinder style, construction method and superstructure configuration that best suits your application.

Cylinder Construction

Cylinders can be constructed in your choice of either Fusion Welded, Dovetail Fusion, or Dovetail Screw. Exterior machined pockets produce a structural rib work that adds strength. The pockets also reduce wall thickness thereby enhancing solution transfer and enabling a more efficient current distribution. Interior “channels” funnel solution to the perforations increasing drainability, preventing peening, and eliminating adhesion.

Superstructure Configurations

Hardwood Line offers 4 basic superstructure configurations:

  • Overhead Motor Control (OMC) (shown)
  • Gear Drive Side Drive (GDSD)
  • Belt Driven Side Drive (BDSD)
  • Automatic Side Drive (ASD)

Cylinder Styles

Standard Hex




Portable Barrels

Our portable barrels are available in three adaptable basic models and can be fitted with any cylinder style (standard hex, PaddleWheel, SprayThru™).
Portables are available in the following sizes: 4×6, 5×6, 6×12, 8×12, 8×18, 10×18, 10×24, 12×24.

Specialty Barrels

  • Oscillating Plating Barrel
  • HOB Barrel
  • Captured Parts Processing System

The HOB Barrel