Hardwood Line, in conjunction with our partners, has the capability to repair, retrofit, and/or recondition all major manufacturers’ equipment.We can replace cylinders, bearings, gears and recondition or replace superstructures.

Replacement Parts

We stock a full line of replacement parts:

  • Motors, drives, switches
  • Cylinders
  • Danglers
  • Superstructures
  • Saddles
  • Tank Repair Kits

Door Fasteners

Standard on most Hardwood Line cylinders, the double lip, patented Inside/Out (I/O) doors reduce rejects while minimizing warpage and clamp fatigue. The weight of the interior load actually serves to tighten the door fit. PP cross bars with Inconel springs provide a tight door seal. Underside locking pin ensures proper cross bar orientation.
Depending on cylinder size and application, the I/O door is available as either a single or double door.
If you should desire another door fastener arrangement Hardwood offers two others.
The “Center Turn Screw” is available for large capacity barrels only. The “Bung Clamp” is available for all sizes.